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Techniques & Best Practices for Image Optimization on the Web.

Techniques & Best Practices for Image Optimization on the Web.

When we develop a site at iBec we make sure to optimize a site’s images to help our websites load as quickly as possible. Over the last few years I have been interested in going even further with image optimization, beyond what Photoshop will let you do. I have found a few tools and techniques to vastly reduce even the optimized files that usually end up on a final website.

Why Responsive?

Why Responsive?

We know that a lot of people who are in the market for a new website are aware of the term ‘responsive web design’, but may not be aware of what the real benefits are or why it should matter to them. Here’s a brief description of what responsive web design is, and what it does for you as a website owner.

Keeping Up with Technology & Trends without Falling Behind

Keeping Up with Technology & Trends without Falling Behind

Every day it is becoming easier to share information and learn new topics on the open web. It is also becoming increasingly more time consuming to find the exact information you want. It is important to accurately weigh out your options for consuming information on the internet before diving into the vast ocean of content available.

How to Create Effective CTA’s

How to Create Effective CTA’s

I like to say a great website should be like a perfect sales rep, but most websites we see missed the memo that their primary job is to close leads.

Does Pinterest Promote Spending?

Does Pinterest Promote Spending?

The number of articles, eBooks and emails about Pinterest that costume my inbox are noticeably increasing… and with it so is my own interest in Pinterest.  

5 Ways to be Happier...Week 5 - Positive Pages

5 Ways to be Happier...Week 5 - Positive Pages

Congratulations! You've done it! Week 5 of 5 Ways to be Happier, and Less Depressed about your Website! For a brief re-cap lets see where we've been: Week 1 we learned to leave our ego at the door; Week 2 we asked for a little help from our friends; Week 3 we learned non-attachment; Week 4 we did a little spring cleaning. Which brings us to our present Week 5: Positive Pages.