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Facebook Contests

Facebook Contests

In this week's tip of the week we are talking about Facebook Contests.

Blogging Basics

Blogging Basics

In this week's tip of the week we are talking about the Basics of Blogging.

Copywriting for SEO

Copywriting for SEO

In this week's tip of the week we will talk about copywriting for SEO, and SEO for copywriting, and tip of the week for Copyediting for Search Engine Optimization. Hint: This isn't how you should write content!



This week's tip is about call-to-actions and how to use them to direct visitors around your website.

CAN-Spam Doesn't Mean You CAN Spam

CAN-Spam Doesn't Mean You CAN Spam

In this week's tip we are going to talk about the CAN-Spam Act and what it means for you business. (Hint: its not the same Spam as the delectable pre-cooked canned ham, it’s Spam as in those annoying emails you receive)

The Real  Cost of Design

The Real Cost of Design

So you've been thinking about re-designing your website, but you're worried about the cost? Here are some tips on the real cost of a website redesign.