Keeping Up with Technology & Trends without Falling Behind

Every day it is becoming easier to share information and learn new topics on the open web. It is also becoming increasingly more time consuming to find the exact information you want. It is important to accurately weigh out your options for consuming information on the internet before diving into the vast ocean of content available.

Information and content can be absorbed in a variety of ways. Every person is different and will require information to be displayed to them in different ways. If you are an avid reader and typically read lots of blogs and news articles then RSS feeds are for you. An RSS feed is the way in which an article from a website can be sent directly to your inbox. By subscribing to multiple RSS feeds of blogs and news sites you are able to direct all of that information to one location. When your information is consolidated in one area you save yourself all the time you would spend visiting each individual website and locating the correct information. If subscription based articles are what interest you most, there are a few different options for how you collect all of your subscriptions. The most basic method of collecting RSS feeds is linking the feed directly to your email account. This way every time an article is published it will be sent directly to your email inbox! If your inbox is frequently full you can use a separate "RSS Client" such as Google Reader to collect all of your articles for you. Podcasts For more visual and conversational people podcasts may be what you are interested in. A podcast can come in video or audio format and is essentially a series of episodes presented to the viewer as a structured presentation or conversation. Podcasts are subscription based just like RSS feeds and can be sent directly to you. Social Media Social networks like Twitter and Facebook can also work as great RSS clients treating everyone that you "follow" as an RSS feed. Most blog and news websites have some form of social media in order to offer this alternative method of collecting information. Set aside a certain time everyday where you allow yourself to read your subscriptions and content. Deliberately setting aside time to catch up on your news feeds will insure that consuming this information will not interfere with putting your knowledge into practice. Don't be afraid to delete subscriptions! It is easy to get into the frame of mind that the more information being sent your way the better off you will be. This is definitely not the case. It is very easy to get distracted and overwhelmed with content and it is important to be aware of any extra going unread. This is one of the most common mistakes made when trying to stay on top of trends. "Take everything in moderation" Even blog posts and research! Try to stay focused just on the information you need - it is easy to over subscribe and overwhelm yourself. Happy Subscribing!


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