Is Email Even Relevant Anymore?

Less Blast, More Engagement - How to do Email Marketing Right. Email is still very relevant. However; HOW email will be used, is what is changing.

Think about the emails you're intrigued enough to open. Emails need to be focused on delivering value. Email campaigns, along with everything else in marketing, are getting more sophisticated. It's no longer effective to write one email and blast it out to your whole list. Not if you want your customers to open it.

How to deliver value in your emails
Test your offers, test which types of messages work for your audience, and segment your lists based on click through data and open rates. With your next campaign, send relevant content based on subscriber interests, preferences and actions. 

Email marketing is a lot of legwork, research, and the willingness to put the time into doing it right. It's not difficult, but it's hard work.

Is email marketing actually preferred?
According to research by ExactTarget, consumers' preference to receive permission-based marketing through email has actually increased 5% since 2008. And a staggering 77% of consumers report that they prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email.

Moving forward
Email will continue to be an important part of the marketing mix in 2014. Marketing emails will become less "batch and blast" and instead more personalized, relevant and targeted based on real-time data. Email is certainly evolving, and is definitely relevant!


Effective email marketing just one of the trends that we've been tracking for 2014. If you're curious - see your Marketing future! Download my free eBook on more industry trends for the upcoming year.




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