Nov 03, 2016

Introducing Our New Logo and Website!

We recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary at Arcadia National Bar in Portland, Maine. Friends, community members and loyal clients alike joined our joyous celebration full of great conversation, classic video games, and cake.

Our company has continually evolved over the years. We began as a small web development startup, and are now at the forefront of Portland, Maine's web design and development, application prototyping and development, and digital marketing scene. Huge thanks to our clients for growing with us, giving us a purpose to deliver great service, and presenting us with incredible and fun opportunities year after year.

The Big Reveal

Our new website and brand identity is a true reflection of the work we do, who we do it for, and our team of real people – not robots – behind it all.

Our New Site:

New Logo Design

Color Palette

Pattern System

Detailed Animations

We're proud to share the attention to detail we put into projects – even our own. Our new site features some fun interactive elements to prove it.

A subtle pattern fades in and out on our homepage, floating above a skyline shot of Portland – the city we call home.

A minimal wave pattern indicative of our roots and geographical location animates on hover.

Fun Post-Launch Digital Marketing Facts:

  • Bounce rate dropped to the lowest it's been this year (25% decrease)
  • Time on site is the highest it's been this year (More than doubled: 150% increase)
  • Pages per visit is highest it's been this year (70% increase)

Our whole team contributed to our new website, resulting in a complete picture of what we can create. What can we do for you?