How to Plan Your Facebook Strategy

So you've been told you "need" to be on Facebook. But what does that mean, exactly? And what should you do once you're on there?

You need a Facebook strategy.

A good strategy takes into account three main things:

  1. Your goals
  2. Your ideal customer
  3. A unified campaign

Establishing Goals

The first step is to quantify your goals. Use your current Facebook analytics to benchmark and see where you are. Check out what types of posts are getting the most likes, the most click through, and what types of posts are driving the most traffic to your website. Look at the numbers that you are currently generating in analytics, and set numerical goals for yourself, in a set period of time. Having set numbers will let you know whether you are succeeding, or whether you need to do some reevaluation in your tactics to get to your target numbers.

Determine Your Ideal Customer

Who do you like working with the most? What type of customer profile does your company culture fit with the best? In order to resonate with those types of people on Facebook, and get them to click through to your site, you need to reach them. You need to speak their language. Maybe it's a more formal approach that you need to take. Or a highly topic-driven overall approach, but with a conversational tone. Study up on who your target audience is, and the best ways to reach them. Think about how national brands approach their customers. GoDaddy and Doritos use a whole different approach than, say, Tiffany.

Create a Unified Campaign

What you do on Facebook - your tone, your message, your intention - should match up with the rest of your marketing efforts. You want to present a unified front to customers and potential customers, and you want that one-message strategy to resonate with your ideal target audience. Make sure what you're offering on Facebook lines up with your other social media and other marketing efforts.

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