How to Create Effective CTA’s

I like to say a great website should be like a perfect sales rep, but most websites we see missed the memo that their primary job is to close leads.

Picture this: You are at a car dealership, point to a car, and say to your salesman “Can you tell me about this car?”  After telling you everything you wanted to know he just stops and doesn’t say anything else...just stands there. He doesn’t even try. No; “C’mon let’s take it for a ride!” or “Could you see yourself driving a car like this?” He says nothing....Just stares at you waiting for YOU to say something. So you either say thanks and walk away or if you really really wanted it anyway you might ask him to take a test drive.

This scenario would just be awkward and you would wonder what is wrong with this guy. Right? A great sales rep would ask you the appropriate questions to get you to take next step in the sales process.

How to Create Effective CTA’s

On your website you can create the Perfect Sales Rep who always asks the right question at the right time. Start by looking at every page on your website and asking yourself, “What do I want to ask or tell a prospect to do once they have read or looked at the content on that page?”  Next, write down what that next step is and then come up with an action word or short phrase that compels the prospect to take that action.  

Sometimes it makes sense to have a secondary or fall back CTA in case they were not ready for your first one. For example, you make custom, made to order widgets and you want really want them to “Get a Quote.” Well, maybe they weren’t ready yet and they needed a little more information. So you give them a second option that says “Tell Me More.” After you have told them more about your widgets you would again go back to the original CTA and ask them to “Get a Quote.”

Ok, so you have all your CTA’s nailed for every page and there are no more “dead ends” on your site take the time to read each page and ask yourself if the content is relevant and would compel a prospect to take that next step. If not rewrite it until it does.


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