How Mobile is Your Site?

Browsing the web via a Smartphone is becoming commonplace as the demand for quick access to information continues to grow. That said, nothing is more frustrating than looking at a takes-forever-to-load, garbled website on your iPhone or Blackberry. This poses the question, is your website mobile friendly? Check out the list below to see what's ideal for a mobile website.

Mobile Ready and Mobile Friendly!

1. Contact Information - One of the primary purposes of an effective mobile website is delivering contact information quickly to the viewer. Make sure it's easy to find and read from a mobile device.

2. A Brief Overview - The goal of a mobile site is not to completely duplicate your regular website on a phone, but rather to deliver the basic, most important information to the viewer in a simple and quick way.

3. Speed- The best mobile sites are aligned with the whole idea of being mobile- fast paced and on the go. Make sure your mobile site loads quickly and effectively or risk losing your viewers altogether.

Does your site need a mobile upgrade? iBec now offers mobile site development, so give us a call! Also, check out our mobile site from your smartphone.


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