Hold the Phone.... I'm an Instagram Addict

I love Instagram. I don't care that facebook bought them, I don't care that someday it'll be plastered with ads and that the most common photos are of food, cats and babies - it's an amazing app - and here's why.

Instagram makes me LOVE brands. I've discovered two brands from browsing endlessly on Instagram, L*Space swim suits, and Langley bags. (@lspaceswim + @langly) Both these brands do one thing in common - they show real people wearing their product. Girl goes to the beach, snaps a selfie of herself in her swimsuit, tags L*Space, if L*Space likes it (cross your fingers!) they repost the photo to their feed, tagging the girl, thus making her the envy of all their 25K followers. Langly operates similarly, they sell a backpack designed for photographers, and photographers inevitably shoot the bag, or someone wearing it in some amazing backdrop, tag langly, wa-la - now Langly's 11K followers are checking out the photographers feed and interacting with the photographer. These brands aren't just regular brands to me now - they're inspiration - to get out, enjoy the sun, make pictures and be with friends, and that's why I love them and have bought from each of them since discovering them on Instagram. 

Instagram is my own curated space. My facebook first got taken over by puppies, then it was engagement announcements, then wedding photos, then.... BABIES. They're everywhere. And I don't care that it's your birthday, I'm sorry, but I don't. But Instagram is a fresh start, I can choose to follow who I wish, not just who I went to college with 7 (!?) years ago. Also - I can follow as many strangers as I want, and it's totally not creepy. People seriously get famous on Instagram. They're making money from prints, they're meeting each other in real life and going on adventures. If you want to be inspired by some amazing strangers, or simply be jealous of their point of view through an iPhone, check out these guys: @antone_lep - a designer living in paris, @jschumman - a film director in Mexico, @greatarsenal - a bloke in London, and my new favorite @pauloctavious - a photographer in Chicago. 

Also - You guessed it, all the image mastheads on our new website were taken on my iPhone and processed using programs on my phone. If you have an iPhone, you have a camera that enables you to take great images for your new website. 


- @leahfisher




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