Grow Your Facebook Fan Base!

A Facebook Fan Page is a staple for any business using social media-- Facebook is the largest outlet with over 400 million active users. The key part to having a successful fan page starts with reaching your audience and to do that you need fans. Check out the list below for tips on how to grow your Facebook Fans and start reaching your target audience.



Grow Your Fan Base on Facebook

1. Inform and Educate- Provide content on your Facebook that fans can use, like links to industry-related blogs or news articles that you find interesting. This makes your page a resource for information and encourages fans to recommend your page.

2. Let People Know- Tell people you have a Fan page in regular emails, marketing materials, and through a link on your website. People need to know the page exists before they can become a fan.

3. Facebook Advertising- Try Facebook ads to promote your Fan page. They are pay-per-click and very customizable. For more info, check out our past Tip on Facebook Advertising.

For more ideas or information, check out iBec's Facebook page!



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