Google+ Tutorial: Business Page Setup

We have seen more and more data come in about the importance of businesses claiming and updating their Google+ business page. From increasing page ranks, authority and building links, as time goes on the more we find out and all of it points to setting up your page if you want to help your business be found online! 

We also noticed that many of our clients have not taken the time yet to set up their Google+ page, so we thought this tip would be helpful to everyone! Our recommendation is to claim your page, personalize it, and get familiar with the platform and slowly add it into your social media schedule. 

Step 1: Find Your Business

To find your business, go to Google and search for 'your business name google+'. (example below)

How to search for your google plus page

If you are new to Google Places you may have to go through this pop up: Check I agree and click Okay, got it!

Step 2: Manage the Page

When you get to this page: click Manage this Page


Okay got it

Step 3: Search for your company address

Fill out the form to search for your company: (this will pull up your Google Maps listing).  Click the correct listing.

Customize your listing

Step 4: Claim Ownership of the Page

If you were not the gmail account that updated your Google Maps listing then you will have to ask that person to sign in and add this page (and you as a manager) OR request Ownership. This may take having to wait for a postcard to arrive.

Request Ownership

Step 5: Customize

Here are our tips for customizing your profile:

  • When your listing is claimed you can create a Page for your company. You will be brought through the steps to add your description for your company, add an email for your contact and finally you will be brought to the page where you can change the Profile Picture (insert your logo) and change the Background Cover Image. Your background cover image could be a picture from your office, of your team, or repurpose a graphic from your website.
  • When these are all set up, add photos and videos from your Youtube account.
  • Add a post to your Google+ page. It could be a link to a blog article, tip, or recent photo.
  • Encourage fans on your other social media accounts to checkout and +1 your Google+ page, put it up on your News Section, and add the link to your eNewsletter. 
  • Treat this page as a social platform. A mix between Facebook and Twitter. Add new pictures and videos when available. Update the community on office events, community activities and so on.

Want more info? Here is a great source for other functions you can use onGoogle+. From How to setup your profile to learning about Circles and Hangouts, they cover the gauntlet:

Google+ How To's on Youtube

Just remember to have fun and be social!

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