Good News - A Maine Web Developer speaks

A Maine Web Developer speaks. A key premise of a vibrant future for Maine’s creative economy says that with today’s technical mobility, people will choose Maine for its quality of life and still compete in the world arena. We will find much of our creativity from an army of small business technology firms.

Becky McKinnell, President and founder of iBec Creative and fellow board member at TechMaine, is an example of Maine’s creative talent. Being a finalist in the 2006 Student Business Plan Competition as a graduate of USM helped set her path, and she has an enthusiasm and sharp development sense that is keeping her team of four growing. 2010 is ramping up nicely. She’s seen a number of companies “not waiting any more” and jumping in to new projects. As for the future of technology in Maine? She’s bullish on the talent pool, but feels our biggest obstacle is modifying a slight disadvantage due to a Maine stereotype – something we can hope people like Becky are altering quickly.

Here’s a surprise – something good about how we’re not spending as much. For decades, one of the United States economy’s most talked about deadweights was that we bought more of our goods abroad than the world bought from us. At its worst in 2005, for every 100 dollars of goods foreigners bought from us, we bought $185 from them. If we had spent more of that $185 on our own goods, our economy would be more vibrant, employ more people, and GDP would be about 5% higher. Well, it’s happening. Imports are down 26%, but exports not as much, so now we only buy $147 abroad for every $100. As people are starting to finally get back to buying, they’re sticking to the American goods. According to sources, this is different – Americans usually go right back to imported goods after a recession. So maybe we’ll see a long term positive from this.


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