Foursquare! (Part 1 of 2)

Foursquare is a new type of social media outlet using geolocation technology that allows people to "check in" at any place around the world from their smart phones and, at the same time, let their friends know where they are.  This type of outlet can be a great tool for businesses because it can track visitors to physical locations and provides another mobile listing for a business.  New to foursquare? Check out the guide below for how to sign up and claim a business location.




Sign Up and Claim Your Business

1. Go to and create a username and password. You can customize your account with a photo and other info. The site will also direct you on how to access Foursquare on your phone.

2. To claim your business location, search for it using the search bar on the upper right of the Foursquare dashboard.

3. Click on your venue page and then click the link that says "Are you the manager of this business?" and fill out the form as directed.

Look for next week's tip on how to use business owner specials on Foursquare!

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