Facebook Privacy

We all know the importance of actively using social media outlets, but it is also vital to be in control of your content on those outlets.

Recently, Facebook has allowed third party advertisers access to user photos for their advertising purposes. This means that your photo could potentially end up in an unknown ad on Facebook. Don't fret though! You can avoid this by doing a quick settings adjustment.




Adjusting Facebook Privacy Settings

To ensure that photos from you or your employees do not end up in an inappropriate ad, follow the steps below to adjust your privacy settings, keeping your photos posted for their original purpose.

If you do not want to show up in a third party Facebook ad:

1. Login to your account and mouse over "Settings" on the top navigation bar. Click "Privacy settings" in the drop down menu that appears.

2. Click "News Feed and Wall"

3. Click on the "Facebook Ads" tab

4. In the "Appearance in Facebook Ads" drop down menu, click "no one."



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