Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the most popular social media outlet around and it continues to grow. In addition to profiles, groups, and fan pages; Facebook now offers pay-per-click advertising to help drive users to your fan page or group within Facebook or to drive traffic to your website. Check out the tips below for creating an effective Facebook ad for your business!

Make the Most of Your Facebook Ad

1. A compelling image- Unlike Google Adwords other pay-per-click advertising options, Facebook ads let you use a photo in a standard ad. Make sure its attractive, high quality, and speaks to your audience.

2. Word Choice and Brevity- Facebook ads give you 25 characters (included spaces) for a title and 135 characters (with spaces) for body content. This isn't a lot of space, so make sure your words convey the message and inspire an action.

3. Targeting- Facebook lets you target ads very specifically, so know your audience. You can target based on location, age, sex, relationships status, relationship interests, keywords, interests, workplace, and education.

Review Facebook's Ad Design FAQ for more suggestions and be sure to check out iBec's Fan page for some great web tips and information.


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