E-Newsletter Content

E-newsletters are a great way to stay connected to your target audience and promote your business, but what happens if you can't think of something to write about?

Read on for techniques and helpful hints on how to always have useful content ready for your next e-newsletter!



Find Fresh E-Newsletter Content

1. Make it a group effort: Set up a white board in your office where employees can jot down ideas and topics that they think would be useful to your audience.

2. Be informed: Check out the local/national news to look for trends or events that you can speak to.

3. Check Twitter: See if there is a particular topic of interest being tweeted about and try to expand on it to add insight and value.

4. Check your knowledge base: You may be an expert in your industry, but are your audience members? Think about a process that you know a lot about and break it down to help your customers or prospects learn something.

5. Think FAQS: What have customers and prospects asked you lately that you can elaborate on?

For more creative ways to spice up an e-newsletter, listen to our podcast here or on iTunes-search iBec Creative.


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