Does Pinterest Promote Spending?

The number of articles, eBooks and emails about Pinterest that costume my inbox are noticeably increasing… and with it so is my own interest in Pinterest.


While there is so much to say about this on-the-rise social media, my area of focus as of late is what I believe to be the direct correlation between my personal consumption of Pinterest and my increasing shopping habits.

I have always been a strong advocate of "Pinterest is just a source for good tips on how to create things with items you already have"… or so I thought. As I really looked into my own experience, it turns out that this most definitely has not been the case for me. My freshly painted apartment (said to be the "best paint color of all time"), additions to my wardrobe, and newly created holiday decorations have made it clear: Pinterest simply inspires me to create, and therefore, spend.

As it turns out, I am not alone in either my infatuation of Pinterest, or the influence it has on me to want / try / create. These are some examples of the things I have found to be the most effective when influencing a purchase:

1. Imagery Relevant to the Season

The seasons promote spending in general : new clothes to wear, holidays to decorate for, and seasonal activities to participate in. Pinterest is a great place to find seasonal ideas. The board at halloween is a hew of orange, green and black and brings out the pleasures of the season. At iBec we used this pin as a base for our decorations for our holiday partly.

2. Good Product Photography

Quality images attract more attention and make products more desirable. If the example of this outfit was an image of clothing laid out on a bed it would not have the same effect. Instead I find myself thinking of an excuse to buy leather pants.

3. Intriguing Descriptions

This is a seemingly basic image of some windows, but the description of the paint color made me take another look and eventually led me to Benjamin Moore where I bought paint for my bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. I now have a go to brand for paint.

4. Inspire Me to Plan - My House, My Wedding, a Holiday Party

Photograph collages to represent a general theme or concept make all of the parts look great as a whole concept. Images like these inspire me to plan out a whole event, and can be a great way to show your product in context with your other products.  

5. 45 Ways to…

When the theme is relevant to your audience, numbers are usually an attention grabber. This particular example was made even better as it was a video -- a video I was able to pull up and watch later as I sat by the mirror and did the same thing.

Pinterest can be a great social media for your business, inspiring customers to take notice and giving them great ideas to take action with your products. You can use one or all of the tips above, and now is great time to start for the major holidays around the corner!




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