Do you need a virtual assistant on your website?

iBec recently added a virtual assistant to our website. Virtual assistants add personality to your site and give visitors a way to connect with your business on a more personal level. They'll also differentiate you from your competition! Read our tips below for adding a virtual assistant to your website and don't forget to visit to see how we did it.



A Successful Assistant

1. Don't Attack Your Viewer- Virtual assistants shouldn't start talking right away. Give the viewer some time to look at your site and explore before the virtual assistant starts up. Also, the visitor should choose to listen to the virtual assistant, so make play and pause options available.

2. Be Real- When giving a voice to your virtual assistant, speak normally as if you were having a conversation. The last thing you want is for your virtual assistant to sound like a pushy sales person.

3. A Friendly Face- The look of your virtual assistant could be a mascot of your company or an actual person. If you go with a person, make sure it is someone who actually works with your company so visitors can make a real connection. If you go with a representative, make sure it's consistent with your brand.



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