Designing a Holiday Experience

Annual festivities can pivot too. If your customers can't come in to enjoy holiday shopping, you can bring the gifts to them with a fun and creative packaging experience. We've written up a list of key points to guide and inspire you through the process.

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The Importance of Packaging

As the holiday season approaches, more and more customers will lean towards buying online to avoid any Covid crowds. While your website stands as the first step of the buying experience, your package design can double down to help cement your brand. Opening a new product can be just as exciting as finding the perfect gift in-store! The rise in popularity of unboxing videos on social media is also perfect for spreading the word.

What to Keep in Mind

There are many opportunities to recreate your brick-and-mortar business through the mail. As you brainstorm, it’s good to keep several factors and questions in mind.

Visually, we like to start with colors and mood.

  • How can we design a box or mailer that captures holiday cheer and your brand’s overarching feel? Adding in your brand messaging and tone can also help here.
  • Do we have an opportunity to add custom tissue paper or cushioning?
  • What stickers and goodies can we include as freebies or part of the wrapping itself?
  • Can we make clever packaging that’s interactive with the product or the customer?
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Functionally, we aim to put ease-of-use first.

  • What is the flow of information we’d like to guide the customer through?
  • Can we include instructions, fun related facts, or a warm thank-you note?
  • How can we reduce the excess? A small product floating around in a massive package isn’t ideal for costs or the customer. Too many packing peanuts or shredded paper can also clutter the home, making clean-up an unwanted side-effect.
  • How easily can the customer return the product if need be?

Last but not least, sustainability.

We believe there’s a certain responsibility for businesses to try and use environmentally friendly materials. There’s a lot of waste generated from the holidays and gift wrapping already, so it’s important to remember where we can help. These intentions are also a great way to emphasize your company’s values!

  • Where can we use biodegradable, recyclable, or reusable packaging?
  • How is the product being delivered, and what emissions may be a result?
  • When can we source from local areas and businesses instead of large manufacturers?
  • Are you being transparent about your choices and continuous actions? Here at iBec, we’re a carbon neutral company and like to provide tools and insights into how we achieve that!

While not a comprehensive list, the above ideas are meant to guide you through the process of how to best represent your business in another’s home. We aim to create fun, exciting, and memorable packaging experiences that will have your customers glowing. The holidays may feel a little different this year, but we want to help you bring the same joy and festivity to all!


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