Cornerstone Financial Planning Teams with iBec Creative to Launch New ‘Responsive Design’ Website

Portland, ME and Portsmouth, NH (December 15, 2011) – Cornerstone Financial Planning teamed with iBec Creative in Portland to launch their new website developed with “responsive design.”

This feature allows the site to automatically adjust to a variety of devices used for web browsing, including smart phones and tablet devices.

“With people spending more time on the web via mobile devices, it is essential that companies have sites that are viewer friendly across a wide spectrum of devices, which is why we’re developing all of our new sites with responsive design,” said Becky McKinnell, president of iBec Creative.

Using Responsive Web Techniques, iBec developed a site that will not just resize for various devices, but also prioritize information and design elements so that your experience is optimized for a touch centric device. Using responsive design techniques minimizes the cost of designing and programming a separate mobile site and gives your users access to the full content of the site.


“As financial planners, we have clients that need access to our information quickly, so having a website that 

adjusts to phones and tablet devices is important. We always want to be within reach for our clients and having a responsive website is one way we can ensure that,” said Jill Boynton, principal at Cornerstone Financial Planning.

Cornerstone Financial Planning’s website will also feature a fresh look, designed by iBec Creative’s team, and will provide visitors with information on financial planning and regularly updated insights into the financial world through their blog.

About Cornerstone Financial Planning

Cornerstone Financial Planning has been providing unbiased and client-focused financial planning services in Maine, New Hampshire, and Northern Massachusetts since 2004. As Certified Financial Planner® practitioners and NAPFA Registered Financial Advisors, Cornerstone helps its clients through financial transitions and moves them toward more confident decision making for the long-term. For information, go to or call (603) 431-1133 in New Hampshire and (207) 772-8133 in Maine.

About iBec Creative

Established in 2006 by founder and President Becky McKinnell, iBec Creative is a leading provider of website and traditional design services based in Portland, Maine. iBec Creative brings fresh ideas and an intuitive understanding of technology to its work. For more information, go online to or call (207) 221‑0790.


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