Be Responsive or Fall Behind - Optimize Your Website and eNewsletters

Everyone is busy. Aren't you? 


When's the last time you read an eNewsletter on your computer?

Everyone is moving toward a more mobile experience. 

I know that I check my eNewsletters when I have a spare second. During my down time, when I'm in the mood, or if I feel like shopping... Maybe I step outside for a breath of fresh air and watch the sailboats drift by... or admire the massive cruise ships in port. I watch the funny, camera-laden-bright-white-sneaker-wearing tourists coming into port, and I check my email.

It's a working waterfront, and that includes me, doing my digital thing. I like to keep current, and most of my eNewsletters are optional - so I read them in between times. And that, for me, means mostly on my phone.
It's not so much that I don't like zooming and unpinching to see the words. It's that, when I get an eNewsletter that's clearly optimized for web, that company automatically gets a +1 on the Monique Scorecard.

I want to align myself with this company because they GET it. They understand that I don't really want to work hard to read their message. I know that this company will bend over backward for me - because they already are.  They are delivering me content that is easily consumable wherever I happen to be.

I like companies that are willing to meet me where I'm at. (Yes. I ended a sentence with a preposition. Apologies to my high school English teacher.)

It's all about me

Or more acurately, it's all about making it easy for someone to become a customer. Responsive and mobile friendly content make it easy for me to be a consumer. And we all know - consumers become customers, more often than not. 

Mobile optimized sites -best for fat fingers and info seekers

We've been doing Responsive sites at iBec for years. And now everyone is getting on board. You don't just want a website that is yours, but in tiny form. A miniature website is NOT a mobile-friendly website. You want a mobile website that is exactly yours, but optimized for a phone or a tablet.

Take, for example, McCabe-Duval, a prestigious ad agency in Portland. They get it. I'd do business with them. Their site is gorgeous in full desktop view, and it's also completely accessible in mobile view.

Old school

In years past, people had a special site, just for mobile users. I don't know about you, but I get very irritated with those sites. Very often, I opt for "Desktop View" even though desktop view is often just tiny version of the full site. I don't like to be limited by what marketers "think" I want to see on my phone. I want free reign of a site - I don't want my experience to be controlled. 

New school

I want to decide what information I want, and I want to have all of the options. Just because I'm on a mobile device, I don't want to be treated as second class.  

Moving forward

Responsive websites solve the mobile problem. Responsive sites have a unique mobile-optimized design for your phone and tablet, but ALL of the info is there. Your site is just reorganized for fat fingers and eyes that don't feel like reading itsy bitsy type. 

Get relevant

How do you start taking your website mobile? We've done it dozens of times across quite a few industries. Been there done that, bought the tee shirt.

Responsive design is just one of the trends that we've been tracking for 2014. So, if you're curious - see some other things that are in store. Download my free eBook on more industry trends for the upcoming year. I predict... you'll like it. 


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