B Corp Best in Show

iBec Creative is a Benefit Corporation in Maine, and our documentation has been submitted for our official B Corp Certification.

While we’re awaiting review, we’re looking back. We started this process in February 2021, and we’ve learned a lot and have been inspired by many.

In this blog, we’ll share some B Corp brands we admire and B Corp website best practices you can benefit from today.

People holding signs supporting the environment

B Corp Stars

Here’s five B Corp websites that caught our eye. And more importantly, we’ll share why they did.


Arguably one of the most recognized B Corps in the world today, this brand walks the walk. You don’t need to hunt down a clear-cut “B Corp section” on this website. Their mission is clear at every touchpoint.

Their homepage sets the tone. Values, not products, are center stage:

screenshot of Patagonia website homepage

We like their footer, too. It clearly and succinctly reaffirms why they earned their B Corp status:

screenshot of patagonia website footer

Ben & Jerry's

They use ice cream to change the world. We love this factual simplicity, and we admire this uncomplicated visual of their values:

infographic of Ben & Jerry's core values

Eileen Fisher

Look at this drop-down:

Eileen Fisher Drop Down Menu

It’s inspirational to put this much proof behind your mission. Every B Corp is fueled to make a positive footprint on the world, and this level of impact is aspirational.


At a quick glance, it’s clear what this company is all about – and how they use their B Corp status as a force for good.

Athleta mission statement
Athleta vision statement


We love the bold dedication of this company. Their sustainability home page is effective and visually compelling:

Allbirds Sustainability Info Graphic

You immediately get their why in the headline. And their simple (and pretty!) side navigation walks users through the many facets of a B Corp in a cohesive way.

B Corp website best practices

With over 150+ years of combined industry experience across our team and over 500 websites launched, we’ve helped hundreds of brands thrive.

We’ve also been fully immersed in this B Corp process. Our Founder and CEO, Becky McKinnell, was part of an important panel discussion and she submitted a testimonial to the Maine Committee on Taxation, in support of LD 846 - An Act To Promote Benefit Corporations which passed.

Our iBec Creative team worked collectively together for the intense application process, and we (along with other talented people), launched the Maine Certified B Corp website: mainebcorps.com to showcase the amazing work B Corps are doing in our state, and to provide ongoing resources to local entrepreneurs.

Essentially, we’ve learned a lot in this past year! While we’ll continue to share best practices in future blogs, let’s start with some website tips.

Here are a few simple ways to make your B Corp status shine online:

  • Amplify your mission in a big way: People should know what you stand for in a single click.
  • Transform your strongest copy into your best visuals: Make your mission and values pop.
  • Let numbers tell your story: If you’ve got impressive stats, show them off. Pair them with icons, make them a focal point, and utilize your proof points to encourage site engagement.
  • Display the Certified B Corporation logo on your site: This has heavy weight in its earned status, so be sure to include it in your footer at the minimum.
  • Include a visual call to action for people: How can they learn more about making a difference? Show them the way.

More to come…

Lots of companies are on the B Corp path and we’d love to support this important mission.

We’ll continue to share the best resources, thoughts, and tips here on our blog.

Tell us! What kind of B Corp guidance do you need right now? How can we help? Get in touch with our team!


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