Anatomy of a Landing Page

Effective landing pages are essential for a successful website. It gets your information across to visitors, encourages them to spend more time on your site, and ensures a better online experience, but how do you achieve a great landing page? Check our Anatomy of landing page below to see how to make your website landing pages successful!


Successful Landing Page Design

Well Organized- iBec's 4-Stage landing page set up is designed to give visitors a clear view of the information in a quick and simple fashion. It allows visitors to access the information on page in an efficient manner and provides a seamless flow to the page.

Informative Design- With the hierarchical Headline, Sub headline, Body, and Contact page design, you can be informative without having too much copy on a page, which tends to be overwhelming and boring for a visitor.

Content tip: Make sure your headline is attention grabbing and relevant to the page's content; your sub headline gives more information that supports the headline for quick readers; and your body content gives additional details. End the page with a call to action and contact information that lets the view know what you want them to do with the information.


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