An Opportunity to Connect: Social Media

From Facebook to Twitter and every other platform in between, social media is far more than something "you should be doing."

Social media is an extension of all the efforts put forth by your organization.

As such, your social media strategy should fully support your stated, official business goals.


In order to enjoy the return on investment that you should expect from the time and funds you will expend, we encourage you to keep in mind the following two important tenets:

  1. Your social media strategy is at best inefficient without a consistent and regular content creation strategy to back it up.
  2. All your efforts should support and/or create an opportunity to connect with your target audience. The way in which this will take place will vary both based on the social media platform you will select and on the audience you are trying to cultivate.

What do YOU feel that's important in your content creation strategy, for you to be successful?


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