3 Alternatives to Image Sliders on Your Home Page

An image slider at first glance seems like a engaging way to show off your products or services, but they do affect your site’s performance. Today’s tip – 3 Alternatives to Image Sliders (and how to use this valuable real estate more effectively).

Image sliders have gained popularity among website designers over the past few years, but there are multiple reasons why they may not be the best choice for your website.  

  • They slow down load time.
  • They take up that valuable real estate ‘above the fold’.
  • They hurt SEO efforts.
  • Too many messages distract visitors from what is important.

In all reality most people don’t stay on the homepage to see more than just the first slide, if your visitor would be targeted on the third or fourth slide they will never see it, so what are some alternatives to the ever popular sliders?

Alternative #1: Let Users Choose Their Persona.

A recent project by iBec, McCabe, Duval & Associates, is a excellent example of this. Visitors can choose Bank Marketing, Healthcare Marketing, Direct Marketing or subsets of these such as; Print,Mail, Broadcast, Interactive, Brand ID, Collateral or Environmental:

Notice all of this information is ‘above the fold’ and easily within grasp of the visitor. They can find information immediately, which will lead to more conversions within the site.

Alternative #2: Have a Simple Message That Engages Customers

Spend time with your copywriters making a message that draws visitors in. Don’t be afraid to be witty, catchy, or just plain silly. If your visitors want to learn more about you, you’ve done the job! We think our own website displays this idea nicely. The key is finding creative ways to make a statement.


Alternative #3: Static Images with a Call to Action Button

Adobe does this amazingly well on multiple landing pages within their site. It’s simple. Have an image of what you’re selling or promoting and add a Call to Action, whether it’s to buy, learn more, or sign up. All three options are going to lead to list building which in turn leads to conversions and sales!


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Do you have any other ideas to share on slider alternatives?  We’d love to hear them in the comments below! 


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