A Web Design Company's Halloween Tale

It was an unusually cold morning as I walked into work. My breath swirled around me like a cauldron of boiling liquid.

The office had an unusual aura around it and the air was tense. Something was surely a-brewing. I stepped in and shuddered…

It was iBec Creative’s 4th Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest!! <<queue thunder clap and lightning>>

Sharp knives and tools for removing the brains and innards were delicately laid out on each desk like a spooky operating room. The developers, working furiously like mad scientists, had stepped away from their computers and were leaned over their silent subjects.

Developers at iBec Creative - Web Design Company - Portland Maine

The designer’s pencils were put aside for razor sharp carving tools and the project managers, after organizing the master plan, were meticulously going through their process. It was a frightful sight.

Nate Tower iBec Creative Project Manager

When all was said and done, minds and hands exhausted, there laid 15 creations of ghoulish proportions.

Don’t be fooled by the pictures, my friends, it was ghastly.

master web designer Kanya Zillmer carving pumpkins

Now we invite all of you mortal souls to participate in our All Hallows Eve holiday event by voting for your favorite pumpkin. Click the link above, highlight the winner and press vote at the bottom. The winning pumpkin will be announced (...and maybe tortured) on Facebook next week!

Until next year my sinister friends….. <<thunder clap, lightning, lightning>>

Click here to vote for our pumpkins!


(photo creds to the lovely Adrienne Nichols!)


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