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Google Analytics 4: A sign that the times are a–changin’?

Google Analytics 4: A sign that the times are a–changin’?

"Come gather 'round people, wherever you roam and admit that the waters around you have grown. And accept it that soon you'll be drenched to the bone.. IN EVENT-BASED ANALYTICS AUTOMATIONS" - Bob Dylan (a slight adaptation by iBec Creative) We're no strangers to change over here. We operate largely on the internet, which is in a constant state of flux. Choosing to embrace the unknown means having faith in ourselves to figure it out, especially when faced with a new challenge. So... a GA4 rollout? No sweat! Let's break it down together so you can understand how you'll be affected.

B Corp Best in Show

B Corp Best in Show

iBec Creative is a Benefit Corporation in Maine, and our documentation has been submitted for our official B Corp Certification. While we’re awaiting review, we’re looking back. We started this process in February 2021, and we’ve learned a lot and have been inspired by many. In this blog, we’ll share some B Corp brands we admire and B Corp website best practices you can benefit from today.

A final toast to 2021

A final toast to 2021

Here’s to a year that’s now in the rearview mirror, but not forgotten. We had many wins and we’re proud to share this recap as a proper 2021 sendoff. Cheers to what’s to come in 2022!

Holiday Marketing Showdown

Holiday Marketing Showdown

On 9/30/2021 iBec Creative highlighted three brands that we predict will be successful this 2021 holiday season, to learn why and how they’re doing it right.

A pandemic positive?

A pandemic positive?

Mother Nature likes a hybrid workforce, too. Raise your glasses – iBec Creative has now been carbon neutral for two years! In this past year, we also met an unlikely ally that helped our environmental mission – the pandemic. In this blog, we’ll share exactly what offsetting carbon means, our own numbers, and how it’s changed with a hybrid model. We’ll also detail how you can act right now, especially since climate change may soon be powered by the home office.

iBec Creative is now a Benefit Corporation

iBec Creative is now a Benefit Corporation

It’s official – iBec Creative is now a Benefit Corporation here in Maine. It’s different from a B Corp (we are still in the process of getting certified as a B Corp), and we’re going to break it all down for you right here. We couldn’t be more excited to share this latest milestone in our journey, so let’s jump in!

How to get the most from your WordPress site

How to get the most from your WordPress site

WordPress is the most popular CMS and it's used by many of our clients. Get to know a little more about your WordPress site with topics ranging from from creating posts, to customizing your UI, to upping your security.

Greetings from: The new normal?

Greetings from: The new normal?

After 15 months away, the first time venturing into the office was bizarre. We’ve heard that most of you felt the same way – seeing calendars frozen in March 2020 or mugs with the last sip of coffee you never got to – a bit post-apocalyptic. Luckily, today looks different. While it’s not what it “used to be,” we’re finding “what can be” is redefining our work culture (here at iBec and collectively as a society) in many positive ways.