Photo of Siedah Quirk

Siedah Quirk

Digital Marketer

A quark is a fundamental particle that forms protons and neutrons that make atoms, which in turn, make everything. And at iBec, there’s Quirk named Siedah who makes social media work brilliantly. Siedah is one of those people whose life has an enviable balance: great professional skills (we’ll get to those), a spiritual side with a dedicated yoga practice, a love of the outdoors as an avid hiker, and to complement these interests, she models for outdoor companies’ clothing lines, too. What’s more, with her infectious smile, you can’t resent her for this overabundance of talent. At iBec, Siedah slays our social media content creation—in fact, there is debate among the iBec team on whether she should be labeled a social media wizard, genius, or rockstar, as all three describe her social media skills. She always knows when there is a cute dog around. Need we say more?