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Photo of Sabrina Duongtran

Sabrina Duongtran


Sabrina lives in two worlds. One is the world most of us live in. The other is a world of her own creation, filled with delightful, thoughtful design. This is the world Sabrina thrives in as a designer at iBec. She is a veritable pixel whisperer who wrangles ordinary pixels into pleasing graphics. Sabrina’s eye-catching designs start with a clear vision of the client’s goals and her formidable imagination—no going through the motions here. This is how she brings a fresh voice and style to our clients’ marketing materials, and WOWS clients with artistic designs both iBec and our clients can be proud of. Sabrina has an eye for logos, but also an eye for keeping clients’ brands sharp like a nice cheddar.

Sabrina hails from the other coast (the faraway West one), has an impeccable sense of fashion, is a seasoned world traveller, talented bread baker, and holds a degree in biomedical engineering. Bottom line: when she leaves work for the day, something will be more beautiful.