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Photo of Rayna Winters

Rayna Winters


Rayna works her web-wizardry each day like it’s nothing. She has started and sold a company, no big deal. We see a pattern here: Rayna’s humility—one of those refreshing qualities you wish everyone had. So you’re not likely to hear her going on about her prowess at forging beautifully organized code, or touting her attention to detail, her ability to drop code cross-platform into the wild, or listening skills that help us to consistently nail clients’ needs. But you will hear her colleague's unequivocal praise for her rock-solid development skills, (She did study geology, after all), and de rigueur Quality Assurance. Nothing gets past her watchful eye — Rayna will spot bugs before anyone else notices, ensuring that our clients enjoy bug-free, fast websites across all browsers and experiences. Rayna facts: She is an amazing artist, She runs her own D&D campaigns, knows cool board games, loves moths and rocks, and has a clever sense of humor.