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Photo of Emily Drappi

Emily Drappi

Director of Special Projects

Spend any amount of time with Emily and you’ll immediately learn that she is a fountain of ideas--they just bubble out and she just can’t help but share them. She’s worked in digital marketing and played a significant role in the growth of eCommerce startups ranging in size from $100k a year to $1,000,000,000, and she knows what it takes to help businesses thrive online. She’s a gardener. Of plants and marketing campaigns. The reward of growing a giant juicy tomato or a border bursting with flowers gives her the same satisfaction and rush of excitement as delivering iBec clients a campaign strategy that results in a loyal, growing audience of new customers. The bubbling of ideas, the gardening of strategies, her insuperable smile, and relentless curiosity can pretty much guarantee that a meeting with Emily will leave you feeling excited and inspired.