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Devin Temple

Lead Digital Marketer

If you happen to visit iBec (we hope you do), and see a man surrounded by coffee, it is not our office barista— it’s our marketing expert, Devin Temple. (He has a penchant for all things caffeinated.) Devin knows marketing and he knows it well. If you peak over his shoulder, you’ll notice that he’s putting down a witty sequence of words that are going to convince somebody to do something, for example, clicking on an “Add to cart.” This is because Devin brings a lot to the table: great ideas, a clear vision, and solid social media advertising skills. Devin helps clients re-imagine their marketing strategies to see new possibilities that engage customers and produce results worthy of a fist pump. On top of it all, he makes everyone’s day better with a smile and upbeat attitude, and keeps the jokes coming, too.